WHRO declares one lakh indian rupees prize for best cured cases

Homeopathy is a rational art of healing based on scientific fundamental principle of like cures like. The correct use of this principle based on sound knowledge of reliable homeopathic materia medicas and pathology defines homeopathic clinical success.

Research in any medicinal science is important to establish its credibility and evolve methods to make it easier to practice.┬áSo, to strengthen Homeopathy’s scientific base, improve homeopathic practice and verify its clinical efficacy, WHRO has established a dedicated homeopathic research wing.


Objectives of Research-wing@WHRO

  • Making homeopathy more effective and reliable in wider range of conditions.
  • Participating in clinical research at WHRO-Clinics, curing patients at WHRO-Clinics using latest homeopathic software, study and analysis of cases using reliable homeopathic literature and methodically gathering clinical data.
  • Establishing scientific credibility of homeopathy by collecting and publishing verified clinical evidences for the efficacy of homeopathic remedies for various diseases. The collection of this data will be published and presented on the international platform with due credit to the Homeopath sending it.
  • Growing stronger in philosophical and logical understanding of homeopathy and also pathology.
  • Honoring success of homeopaths in curing diseases which were declared incurable by conventional medicine. To qualify for receiving this honor, location of the homeopath does not matter, only the quality of work matters. The eligible homeopath can reside in any part of the globe, from a very small village to big cities, from any where in India to any location internationally. (Full details of this project will be formally announced on WHRO website in coming months)
  • Encouraging research in homeopathy through Engineering minds. (Award for research in homeopathy through Engineering community of IITs, will be formally announced in coming months.)
  • Empowering homeopathy and homeopaths by funding and participating in quality homeopathic research projects across the globe. (The work has already started in this direction with WHRO’s research grant of Rs 51000/- to the Bhopal Chikitshak Sang.Click on this link to read more about it.).

You can communicate with the Research Team at WHRO by filling up the contact form on the right hand side of this page.

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