Dengue fever

During September/October 2014, Mr. Satpathy’s wife, 2 sons, his mother & one of his staff member developed Dengue fever. As per their blood test reports Dengue was +ve in all 5 cases.

In the testimonial video, Mr. Satyabrat Satpathy (Chairman & Managing director M.S. Mining Pvt. Ltd.) talks about the Dengue fever suffered by his family members and their quick recovery through homeopathic treatment by WHRO.

Mr. Satpathy says “Because of WHRO’s treatment, all the members of my family have recovered from this serious illness of Dengue fever with no difficulty and in a short period of time. Also, they do not have any kind of post Dengue effects like bodyache, weakness and loss of appetite which is seen in many patients of Dengue.

All my family member returned to their normal routine life within 2 days after Dengue fever. It is like a magic to witness these fast recoveries. I am very-very thankful to WHRO & it is my humble request to WHRO that number of patients are dying of Dengue fever in the country so, kindly help them in quick recovery as I have seen in our cases.

Scanned reports of all 5 cases are available by clicking on individual names (Mast. Hrushikesh, Mrs Rajshree, Mrs Manjulata, Mr Bramhanand, Mast. Priyarajan). Below is their brief medical summary: