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WHRO (World human right organization) the organization which helps the needy people. It is an autonomous, voluntary, non-governmental and non-profit organization that promotes and protects human rights all over the world. They made sure that every person has these rights simply because they are human beings. The WHRO is a NGO which helps the children to provide them all the necessary education. The NGO for child education Delhi is providing the basic knowledge to the children who seek for the basic education. 

Their main motive is to demand knowledge from the children. NGO in delhi for teaching helps the kids to teach them till nursery to 8th that also free of cost. There are few NGO schools in Delhi which provide education to the kids who are below the poverty line free of costs. There are few NGO working for education in Delhi that provide education to 15,00,000 children and their families every year. Through more than 400 live welfare projects on education, healthcare, livelihood and women empowerment.

The aim of our youth volunteers to uplift the backward areas 

Youths main focus is to help the people who are enabled to realize their rights, opportunities and avail all the resources for them. They try to bring positive changes in the lives of the underprivileged children, their families and the communities. The priorities of the youth is to provide the trust of the basic needs like health, education, women, empowerment, natural disaster, food, livelihood opportunities to the slum area people. Education NGO in Delhi are the prime source which provides the trust to enhance the quality of education for the children who can not afford to take admission in the big luxury school. The youth aim to provide better NGO schools in Delhi so that the children in the slum have the basic knowledge.

What is the need for free education for the children? 

The needs of free education for the children who belong to the slum areas is very necessary. The children who are not able to afford the higher and expensive education in the big schools can take the admission in NGO schools in delhi. They are ready to provide the basic education to the children. Basic education helps them to get their rights from the government, society and it can help them to be aware of all legal justice which has been made for them. 

Break the cycle of poverty

Free education NGO in Delhi is providing education to the children so that they can break all the cycles of poverty. The main motive of the WHRO is to make the people stand above the poverty line. The people who are not able to afford the luxury services of the NGO are ready to provide them all the necessary services free of cost. 

Provide the basic knowledge

The WHRO wants to be aware of the NGO in Delhi for teaching so that they can get the knowledge of their basic rights. The necessary services which are provided to them by the government like their health services, other food services and all. The NGO working for education in Delhi has been providing the best services which are providing education to the people who live in the slum areas.

To boost the rate of literacy

To boost the rate of literacy the WHRO has launched an NGO for child education in Delhi. It is providing all the facilities related to the study. India's rate of illiteracy has been increasing with the years. Just to lower it down the  NGO schools in Delhi are helping the government by providing all the needy people free education. 

Promoting universal access

The WHRO is promoting universal access to the people who belong to the below poverty line. The universal access means to give an identity to the slum area people. The respect which they deserve in the field of society. The most important thing is to provide a well-deserved respect and their rights from which they are not aware of. There are many NGO working for education in Delhi which are ready to help those people.   

 Make them aware of society

To make them aware of the society means the capacity to build relationships and collaborate with others from a variety of backgrounds, including those related to religion, caste, gender, socioeconomic status, and geography. It will help them to survive in the well-known society with the help of an education NGO in Delhi.

Raise the skilled workforce

Raising the workforce of the skilled people can help them to get some money to survive. The skilled labor force can help them in the big industries. A highly skilled workforce offers to both individuals and society as a whole, it is essential in the face of widespread layoffs. The most important thing in the industries is the skilled labor who can help them to do their work efficiently.

 Lower the rate of poverty

NGO schools in Delhi are ready to help the poor people to come out from the poverty line. The WHRO is ready to help the people to come out of the below poverty line. It is mandatory for the people who belong to the backward class and help them to come out from the shell of poverty.  NGO in Delhi for teaching start educational initiatives that emphasize career training in addition to literacy, making sure people have the skills necessary for long-term work.

To uplift the equality 

The WHRO helps the backward class people to touch the line of equality. By treating everyone equally and equitably. Creating an inclusive culture that respects all cultures and beliefs. Providing equal access to opportunities for all citizens. Enabling individuals to reach their full potential. Free Education in Delhi is educating individuals and ensuring them comprehend the value of equality. To uplift the equality in the society can be a beneficial factor for the government and all other people who are below the poverty line.

How Much Change Free Education Has Brought in society? 

The free education in the NGO has brought a lot of changes in the society and it has also fought for the basic human rights for the poor people. Social transformation and education are interwoven into a complicated tapestry, with symbiotic relationships between their intricate threads. Education shapes people's social consciousness by imparting knowledge, skills, beliefs, and attitudes. 

Meanwhile, societal shifts have an impact on the design, content, and delivery of education. Overcoming the divided society, the education promotes social cohesion and reduces socioeconomic inequalities. It encourages social cohesiveness and creates a feeling of solidarity among various groups.

It has been encouraging the democratic values, education has a vital role in advancing democratic principles. It can support the development of critical thinking, judgment, and civic engagement—all essential components of a democratic society. By fostering social mobility and economic stability, education is essential for empowering disadvantaged groups.

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