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World Human Rights Organization


Yograj Sharma - Founder & CEO

Chairman's Message

Human being’s are the best creation of God. And to mistreat any human being in any firm is “ Dis- respect to Hod Almighty. Since we all live in a civilised world, it does not behove us mistreat any human being in any form. More so when it is enshrined in our constitution. We have to protect the dignity and basic human values such as Brotherhood, Friendship, Empathy, Compassion, Love, Civility, Respect and many such more human values.

There is need and urgency to protect these values for a better human society.

With the above in mind, we at WHRO will endeavour to come to the rescue of all those whose basic Human Rights have been exploited. We are committed to come to the rescue of all those whose cases are reported to us. We will try to give a healing touch when you need us the most. Our slogan is :

“You are Always in Our Mind

Give us a call to be there.”

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